We're Carney

We're an advertising and design agency based in Murrysville, PA. We love dynamic development, elegant design, and smart strategy. We devote time to passion projects, which sharpen our approach to client work. Our inquisitiveness, patience, and imagination enable us to understand your vision, deliver a solution, and maximize your impact.


Information Architecture
User Experience
User Interface
Interactive Animations and Demos
Websites and Applications
Front- and Back-end Frameworks
Custom and Off-the-Shelf CMS Development
Responsive Development
Content Creation
Community Management
Reputation Management
Facebook Apps
Reporting and Analyses
Influence Marketing Campaigns
Idea Innovation
Wireframing and Prototyping
iOS and Android Apps
Responsive Design
Brand Strategy
Digital marketing
Optimizing Search Results (SEO)
Paid Advertising (SEM)
Media Planning

The team

We're curious and creative people who share a passion for solving problems, doing good, and thinking out loud. We believe that what we do outside of the office matters most.

From beekeeping and stargazing to poetry and punk rock, we each offer an individual set of skills and interests that inform and inspire our work.

An extreme close-up of the logo on the front door of the carney+co. office
Rob Carney and four other members of the team having a morning stand-up meeting around Jesse's desk
A look into the window of our office
A half-full skittles dispenser
Jesse Hixson, one of our engineers, checking mail on his phone
Shannon Sankey - copywriter and social media manager hard at work


Fueled by espresso, we share our space with a vintage arcade game cabinet, nerf guns, a skittle bar, a gym, and a stereo system.

Good work and collaboration thrive under natural light, good music, and an open floor plan.

a lamp, we love lamp
Mel Baker, software engineer, focusing on something off-screen
BURGER ME: Stylized burger ingredients for an in-house iOS app project
a screen showing a few lines of SCSS
shannon copywriting her copy
a kind of creepy taxidermied raven looking out over the office