Community Partnership

Animal Protectors finds forever homes for furry friends in our community, so we were enthusiastic about rebuilding their online home and offering a full brand identity package without cost.

The C+Co. Community Partnership Program was established to strengthen growing brands, afford us valuable experience, and in this case, helps save the kittens.

a notebook page full of stylized versions of the letter 'a'
a close-up of one of those letters
the same letter 'a' with the edges cleaned up
a digitized version of the handwritten 'a' in solid black
a crisp, bright blue version of the same letter 'a'
the world 'animal' in bright blue, crisp handwritten script
the final logo - a cat and dog icon with the text 'Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley'


Animal Protectors was already using the power of nationally recognized to list pets for adoption. Our custom solution harnessed the power of the API, seamlessly integrating pet profiles into the Animal Protectors site. No duplicate effort, no changes to the existing workflow.

What would define the brand? We broke out the paintbrushes to create custom lettering and paired it with iconic critters who beg to be taken home. Then, we rounded out the identity with a playful color palette. Plus, pictures of kittens.