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Are You Sabotaging Your Brand Awareness Campaign?

Here’s the thing. Yeah, we have a ton of options with Facebook ads, but as marketers, we can’t fall in the trap of doing too much all at once. The objective that becomes the most clouded is brand awareness.

An audience has no clue who you are as a brand, yet some companies think that showing FB users an “about us” video and using a “Shop now” CTA is okay. (BTW, it’s not.)

That’s like walking up to someone on the street, blurting out facts because you think you’re the best thing since sliced bread and then saying, “Hang out with me or you’ll regret all your life decisions!” …. 😬

I mean if someone did that to you, you would flee before they could get out their name, right? Here’s the lesson. Stop trying so hard and focus.

  1. Videos are hotter than an egg cooking on a blacktop sidewalk in 100-degree weather. So yes, making a video is an excellent way to gain attention.
  2. When you’re formulating your message, channel your inner Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”
  3. Lastly, the text in your ad should support your message. You’re introducing yourself to someone. Start with a hello and keep the sales pitch for an end of funnel campaign.

Are you a visual learner? So am I, which is why I threw in examples👇

Good Brand Awareness Ad

Bad Brand Awareness Ad


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