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10 Gen Z Subcultures to Know

We’re all friends here, so we can admit that there’s a lot of overlap (and hot air) when it comes to generational prognostication. But there’s nothing wrong with keeping a thumb on the pulse of the zeitgeist. So, here it goes, 10 subcultures to know, based on on survey data.

  1. Third-culture kids: Young adults raised in a culture other than that of their parents.
  2. Culinary root remixers: Creative cooks that blend traditional taste with modern diets.
  3. Ability heroes: Folks with different physical and mental needs that share their experiences online.
  4. Comfort creators: Influencers that create tranquil, serene digital environments for viewers.
  5. AR gamers: Viewers love to watch these users play multi-player, real-time mystery games.
  6. TALE-gaters: Sports lovers that prefer to go behind-the-scenes and off the field.
  7. Gameday traders: Fantasy sports betters that take it seriously.
  8. Copyconomists: Creators that know the best #dupes.
  9. Afrobeats celebrators: Fans of the growing genre.
  10. Country revivers: Fans of the genre’s contemporary values, like inclusivity.

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