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10 Must-Have Organic Video Types for YouTube

With more than 500 hours of content uploaded every minute, YouTube is a crowded space. The key to successful YouTube marketing is to create high-quality, engaging video content and embrace the power of a paid strategy for faster results. Here are the top 10 video types that work like magic:

    1. Social media videos (e.g., YouTube Shorts, Stories, and Community posts).
    2. How-to videos and/or explainer videos.
    3. Branded stories (e.g., short films, series, and/or documentaries).
    4. Interviews with influencers and/or subject matter experts.
    5. Thought-leadership videos with company leaders.
    6. Stories about your organization.
    7. Customer testimonials, case studies, and/or success stories.
    8. Product demonstrations, either animated or actual.
    9. External training videos and/or formal education on topics.
    10. Livestreaming videos (e.g., YouTube Live and Premieres).

Check out SEJ’s guide to YouTube marketing for more tips.


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