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12 Brands and Their 12 Strategies on TikTok

TikTok is growing more and more, especially for brands trying to make good content. But who is doing it right? Let’s get into brands that are working with TikTok to their advantage and what strategies to use. 

  1. Flighthouse Media Company, the GOAT: Flighthouse is a media company with an approach around quantity.
  2. Netflix, the UGC champs: Netflix knows their users based on what they watch, making it pretty easy for them to make challenges users want to join. Their bios are 🤌
  3. Dunkin’, the ambassadors of ambassadors: UGC comes naturally to this brand with a big subculture. Dunkin’ wins points for their strategic use of endorsed content from TikTokers like Charli D’Amelio.
  4. e.l.f. Cosmetics, the trendsetters: These guys can get out-of-the-box with pop-culture-themes, gaming cross-overs, and creative collections. E.l.f.’s strategy is to go all out with TikTok.
  5. P&G, the sponsors: Procter and Gamble doesn’t do much for creating content. Instead, their strategy is to sponsor content and hashtags.
  6. Amazon, the hashtag kings: Amazon uses a well-rounded paid strategy of influencers and ad campaigns. Where they excel is well-made hashtags.
  7. Red Bull, the entertainers: Red Bull maintains its brand image of extreme sport-loving sponsors by posting stunts and bloopers. Their strategy is just to keep followers’ attention.
  8. Gymshark, the OGs: These guys were an early brand on TikTok and their strategy is similar to Flighthouse’s by being consistent. The difference is they aren’t trying to make viral TikToks, just helpful ones.
  9. Blue Diamond Almonds, the late bloomers: It’s never too late to join TikTok! Blue Diamond doesn’t have a unique strategy other than they aren’t sleeping on TikTok.
  10. Marc Jacobs, the duet masters: The company advertises on TikTok by launching Branded Hashtag Challenges that uses the duet feature.
  11. DICK’S Sporting Goods, the experimenters: DICK’s is all about TikTok ads trying out the whole suite of options the platform gives advertisers.
  12. Chipotle, the content kings: These guys are TikTok pros and they love “content-only” campaigns and it works for them. 

See the TikToks for yourself on Mediakix’s full post.


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