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12 Hidden Facebook Features Most Marketers Don’t Know About

Facebook updates at such a whiplashing speed that some features fly by without notice. Not to mention that there’s so much happening on the platform (we’re lookin’ at you, “Explore Feed”), it’s hard to even find—or know—what you’re looking for.

Today’s Read highlights just 12 of these slippery features, revealing where they hide and why you should utilize them. Plus, detailed steps on how to use them so you can engage more fans and beat your competition to the punch.  

Here’s a couple to get you started: 

  1. Set a new target audience for each post. On most branded Facebook pages, not all the posts are relevant to the same audience. If your Facebook post is relevant to people seeing it in their newsfeed, it will have a higher Relevance Score, and your post could have a higher organic reach.
  2. Invite people that liked your Facebook post or ad to Like your page in a single click.  
  3. Level up your social media presence with a cover video or gif instead of a photo. Dang, we should do that
  4. Use the Pages to Watch tool to review all the posts published by your competitors or favorite brands in a single feed.
  5. You can now see the charts with your Facebook page’s engagement levels and see when your audience is most active.
  6. Facebook Ads Manager has some built-in A/B testing features that you can use to set up simple split tests.

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