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12 Mobile UX Design Trends of 2018

Raise your hand if you’ve seen just about as many “Trends of 2018” blog posts as you can handle? You can’t see us, but we are waving our hands in the air (like we just do care).

That being said, we wanted to give this article a pass today because it’s a topic we rarely get to cover.  You might not be a designer yourself, but as a marketer, you likely work very closely with one or a whole design team. Marketing goals would only reach half as far (if you’re lucky) without implementing a solid UX design—especially on mobile. Take this newsletter for example. Its mobile UX design went from zero to freakin’ hero after a gorgeous redesign. 

All right let’s crack this bad boy open.

  1. User Journey Simplification – For example, linear user flow allows users to estimate how much time it’s required to complete a task. Uber’s got it figured out.
  2. In-app Gestures Paired with Animation – Now that the iPhone X doesn’t have a Home button, most basic interactions with the device must be gesture-based. This means that designers will have to pay more attention to gestures, like using animation to make it clear what interactions are available.
  3. Full-Screen Experiences – With the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X, frameless design became a trend. With more screen space available, users will expect to have full-screen experiences. So make sure those images and videos are in HD.
  4. Better Way To Express Emotions – One way to do this is with natural interactions inside apps. For example, instead of tapping on the button or icon, it’s possible to make it more natural by drawing ‘heart’ icon on the screen.
  5. Adapting Video For Portrait Orientation – Mobile phones are used in portrait orientation 94% of the time, so your content should be adapted for to be viewed in portrait mode. 
  6. Conversational Design – Think: Chatbots as assistants integrated with messaging platforms (such as FB Messenger). People love using messaging apps. That’s why chatbots and voice-activated assistants are gonna make it big, meaning more businesses will be able to have real-time automated conversations with their customers.

Six more trends you and your design team will want to follow!


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