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12 SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic in 2021

All the core components of good SEO will still apply next year. This is great for your tried and true methods, but it’s still as competitive as ever. Finding the more overlooked opportunities to drive more traffic will make for easier wins. Get started with these SEO techniques to increase organic traffic in 2021 from SEMrush.

  • Find Your Competitors’ Best Performing Pages. Finding some benchmarks will allow you to surpass existing high performing content out there. This also saves you time since it’s not simply back to square one with keyword research. Analyzing competitors’ pages will instantly show you what works and where there are gaps to fill.
  • Optimize For ‘People Also Ask’. According to SEMrush, ‘People Also Ask’ boxes are present in 49% of searches and this number is increasing. Most of the time, these boxes appear within the top 3 Google Results. These ‘People Always Ask’ questions shouldn’t be ignored. Answer these questions directly.
  • Use Supporting Content To Show Topical Expertise. Writing content around keywords is necessary, but creating content around topics will take you to the next level. Start with your core topic and create pieces of content to address the more granular specifics within that topic. This will allow you to address more long-tail keywords while tying back to your core content piece.
  • Make Your PR Team’s Efforts Work Harder For SEO and Turn Brand Mentions Into Links. It happens all the time – someone mentions you in a piece of content, but there’s no link included. Having those links makes a world of difference. Find out where these mentions live and reach out to politely ask if the publisher might update with a link. You don’t get what you don’t ask for!

Read on for 8 more SEO techniques.


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