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12 Ways to Beat Facebook Ad Fatigue

If you are serving an ad too often to your target audience, they will be tired of seeing the same ads over and over again. That’s called ad fatigue. High ad fatigue causes Facebook to severely limit your ad’s deliverability. Luckily, there are ways to avoid it.

Ways to beat ad fatigue:

  1. Automatically pause ads with high frequency: Sometimes it’s just about taking a little break. What’s considered a “healthy frequency”? For most marketers ideal ad frequency is something between 1.01 and 2.99. When ads reach a higher frequency, you want to turn these ads off. Go to your “Automated Rules” and create a rule.
  2. Create new audiences and ads: Pausing is great, but freshening up content is a more active approach. Update your ad creative and audiences so you are serving new looks for campaign messaging.
  3. Automatically decrease budgets for high-frequency ads: Pausing high frequency ads will stop them from ever being served again, but what if it was a high converting ad? If your ad sets are being served to the same people too often, you can decrease their bid/budget to decrease frequency.
  4. Exclude audiences that already engaged with you: If someone engaged with your ad or brand, it’s time to show them something new as they are less likely to interact with the exact same ad. Look to strategy #2 or create a different retargeting ad. But first, you need to separate that engaged audience.
  5. Limit ad deliverability with a schedule (dayparting): Running ads only on certain days and at certain times is great, but a manual and strategic feature. Dayparting, or running ads on a schedule, will run your ads during the best times and days of the week instead of 24/7. This will cut down less useful impressions and decrease ad fatigue.
  6. Use the reach campaign objective: Reach campaigns are usually used to more thoroughly reach larger audiences. The default setting is no more than two impressions every seven days, but you’re able to customize the frequency cap over a time period. The downside is this campaign type can’t be optimized for conversions well.

Check out the other 6 ways to avoid fatigue on the full post by Revealbot.


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