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7 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

Ever see someone wearing a tux at the beach? Outside of a wedding, it would be a pretty strange site amongst the sunbathers in swimsuits. People dress accordingly for different settings and occasions, and people write differently for various formats.

There are best practices for many of the things we do. Today, Sleeknote is teaching us 7 B2B email marketing best practices so you can craft your B2B message accordingly.

  • Use a Subject Line Between 28 and 50 Characters. Too short and you won’t reveal anything. Too long and you might get cut off or you simply risk being too wordy. A Campaign Monitor study found the sweet spot to be between 28 and 50 characters. Try sticking to the low end and slowly test the waters of subject lines closer to 50 characters. Find out what works best for you, but use this range as a guide.
  • Use Between 50 and 125 Words of Text. Get right to the point and don’t drone on. Readers’ attention spans aren’t committed to sifting through a bunch of text to find the info they need. Be concise and your response rates will thank you. Campaign Monitor found this range to garner a response rate above 50%. Furthermore, break up your text for an easier reading experience.
  • Keep A Conversational Tone. At the end of the day, you’re talking to individual people. Dry, matter-of-fact text isn’t going to engage people. Keeping a professional tone is important, but it’s not mutually exclusive so you can still remain conversational and friendly.
  • Use 1 to 3 Images. Constant contact found that click-through rates decrease as the number of images increases. 1 image performed better than two, two performed better than three, and so on. Using images is important, but don’t overdo it. Let 3 be your upper limit.

Read on for more tips with examples.


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