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14 Exciting New Things to Try on Social Media in 2018

If there’s one thing all marketers have to be good at, it’s experimenting and being open to trying new things. The best part about experimenting is that it usually gives you a chance to do something before your competitors. If your company was an early adopter of Twitter, Instagram, etc., you know how valuable that can be.

On the flip side, if you were an early adopter of Google Buzz (Google, what?), you probably just wasted your time. It’s a risk, but always worth trying.

So what’s worth testing out right now? Here are a few ideas from Hootsuite:

  1. Add royalty-free music to your Facebook videos. Okay, this is a pretty tame experiment. By using Sound Collection, you can add the right soundtrack to your videos without having to worry about copyright’s or blowing your budget.
  2. Showcase your best content using Stories Highlights. This feature lets you save your very best Stories content, and repost it permanently to your page. That should help win the argument against disappearing content.
  3. Be more transparent. Instagram launched a paid partnership tag that you can use with influencers. When an influencer uses this tag, the sponsor has access to performance data for that post.
  4. Broadcast live with a guest. You can now do split-screen live broadcasts. You can use this to do collaborative broadcasts with whoever you want—clients, partners, brands, etc.
  5. Easily create branded Snapchat lenses. From the company who invented the augmented reality lens, Snapchat is now letting brands create their own lenses.
  6. Automate promoted tweets. Twitter is making their ad platform even easier by allowing brands to pay $99/month for automated ads. Twitter will automatically put your best content in front of new audiences based on their algorithm.
  7. Educate your audience using LinkedIn video. Video is already available to LinkedIn Users, and it’s coming to brands soon. Like all other social platforms, LinkedIn is going to be optimizing their algorithm around video.

Plenty of other new features to experiment with…


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