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14 Tips for Planning and Boosting Your PPC Campaign Performance

New York City to Los Angeles is about a 42-hour drive, but a flight will cover the same distance in just under 6 hours. Which one do you choose?

Road tripping is a lot like SEO whereas flying is like PPC. The destination (top of the SERPs) is the same, but the means and cost of getting there is the difference. For those who prefer flying, Databox has 14 tips for planning and boosting your PPC campaign performance.

  • Define your goals. Ask yourself why you’re launching a PPC campaign in the first place. Is it to drive subscriptions? Content downloads? Sell product? The entire effectiveness of your campaign will measure against your goal.
  • Keep experimenting with your variables. There are tons of PPC variables. Ad copy, extensions, keywords, and even more on your landing pages. For the best performance, keep testing and keep optimizing. Don’t neglect testing different ad copy.
  • Avoid generic funnel targeting. Go directly to your niche. Casting too wide a net won’t generate the same traffic quality as knowing and pursuing your real target. Your conversion rate and cost per conversion will thank you.
  • Track your conversion rate. Before you can accurately track your conversion rate, take the time to ensure your tracking is set up correctly. Your conversion rate will do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to deciding what works and what doesn’t.
  • Choose the right set of high-performance keywords. Sure, you’re paying for clicks, but the goal is revenue. Clicks won’t always equal revenue. This is why you must invest more in bottom of the funnel keywords. Determine which keywords people are searching when they’re looking to buy, and target those keywords.

There are still 9 more tips to go, so read them all and crush your PPC campaign goals.


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