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14 Ways to Split Test Your Subject Line for More Opens

Optimize your email marketing with these 14 research-backed split tests:

  1. Name vs. No Name. Personalization leads to an average open rate increase of 29.3%.
  2. First Person vs. Second Person. Emails that had “you” in the subject line were opened 5% less than without it.
  3. Urgency vs. No Urgency. Subject lines with a sense of urgency had 22% higher open rates.
  4. Long vs. Short Subject Lines. The sweet spot is right around 6-10 words in most cases.
  5. Ambiguous Benefit vs. Specific Benefit. You may not always have a good gauge on what is most appealing to your audience.
  6. Content Type Specified vs. No Content Type Specified. Teasing value gives readers an incentive to open.
  7. Free vs. Synonyms. The word “free” can have a positive or negative effect based on your industry.
  8. Emojis vs. No Emojis. Emails that contained an emoji had 56% higher email open rates.
  9. Sentence Case vs. Title Case. There’s no clear consensus on this one.
  10. Capitalization vs. No Capitalization. Having the entire subject line capitalized can produce a small, but significant increase in open rate.
  11. Exclamation/Question Marks vs. None. Question marks actually deceased open rates by 8.1% on average.
  12. Hypens vs. Colons. Using a hyphen in place of a colon in the exact same subject line resulted in open rates improving by 3%.
  13. Ambiguous vs. Clear Copy. Clear emails performed better by 541%.
  14. Gratitude vs. No Gratitude. “Thank you” increased open rates.

Check out the research at Drip.


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