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14 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Stories are everywhere: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn (RIP Twitter Fleets). Have you been incorporating them into your social strategy? Hopper gave us 14 ways to give you some inspiration with Instagram Stories. Here are our top favorites:

  1. Announcements: Stories for announcements are perfect because they are time sensitive. Countdowns, hype ups, and behind the scenes can all be put in your stories in anticipation for something. It makes an audience feel like they have the inside scoop with your content.
  2. Highlights: These are amazing for brands because they act as an extension of your bio as quick call outs for products and news. They’re customizable and cool. If you haven’t added highlights to your Instagram, go through your existing stories for content or start thinking of a posting strategy to make them.
  3. Polls & Questions: Market research, customer feedback, or just to get to know your audience and have a bit of fun with Instagram’s two-option polls or get directly typed answers to a question. Both of these are great ways to add some engagement to your audience.
  4. Going Live: We covered last week all about the beauty of Live Rooms. Going live on your stories is great for a lot of reasons as far as engagement and the format itself, but a huge benefit is placement. When you go live, Instagram notifies your audience and puts your story spot at the top of the list.

Hopper, a social media management tool, has 10 more ways to utilize Instagram Stories. Check it out for examples and more inspiration.


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