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15 Deadly Email Mistakes πŸ’€

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.

When it comes to email marketing, mistakes can add up in a bad way. You could be damaging your sender reputation, stunting your audience growth, or even getting yourself in some hot water with the law. See these 15 big mistakes that you could be making:

  1. Not making emails accessible. That includes proper color contrast, font size, and alt text, to name some features.
  2. Not authenticating. Check that you have authenticated your sender server with a Sender Policy Framework, set up DKIM to protect your emails from being tampered with, and set up DMARC for additional verification.
  3. Not warming up your domain. Don’t start sending email marketing unless you have already proved your domain has some history first.
  4. Not complying with email laws. Be sure to follow email laws such as CCPA, CPRA, GDPR, and PECR (Luckily most ESPs will help you avoid unintentional misdeeds).
  5. Using a no-reply email ID. No-replys discourage trust and engagement. Only use them when an inbox has no interaction.
  6. Sending bulk emails without any strategy. Not only does it reduce your marketing effectiveness, but it can also raise the likelihood of being flagged for spam.
  7. Not making your emails responsive. Your emails should be able to reach your audience no matter what device they are using.
  8. Not sending welcome emails. Without a hello, people could forget ever signing up for your email list and mark you as spam.

Check out the other 7 mistakes you could be making with all the details and examples on the Mailmodo blog.


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