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15 Follow-Up Email Templates that Closed Over $500 Million

Yo, that is a lot of cheddar. And it’s something you definitely can’t get with the yawn-inducing, trashcan-clicking “Just Checking In” email.

As creatures now hyper-consuming only things we want to see — and editing newsfeeds and inboxes accordingly — the window of opportunity to grab our reader’s attention is fleeting. In fact, the average person decides in less than 3 seconds whether they’ll read an email or not.

So, how do you break through the noise? HubSpot asked the experts, interviewing entrepreneurs, salespeople, and all-around hustlers to get a look at their most powerful email templates.

Like driving $400 million in revenue and achieving an 80% open rate kind of powerful. Not to mention: Connecting with over 27 CEOs (from Amazon, Twitter, and more) without any introductions and increasing average sales quota by 215%.

Take some time and bookmark these. They are solid gold, baby.


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