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16 of the Top TikTok Tools

Tighten up your tool belts, becuase we got some more tools for you. Hootsuite curated a list full of TikTok resources to help with:

  • Scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Editing
  • Ads
  • + More

Here are our top 3 from the list:

  1. TikTok’s Video Scheduler: Yes, TikTok has expanded its partnerships for scheduling and publishing TikToks, but many people sleep on TikTok’s desktop version. It is still limited on editing once you’ve scheduled it, but at least you can set and forget final videos.
  2. Quik: We share A LOT of video editing tools because they are everywhere. Quik is a great one made by GoPro. It has some unique features for matching content to beats. This comes in handy when testing out trending music and audio.
  3. CopySmith: CopySmith is copywriting AI that generates copy and content for you. Simply tell the bot what your goal is and it will provide you with caption options to use or get you inspired.

You have to check out the full post for all 16 of the helpful TikTok Tools.


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