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19 Email Best Practices We Do in The Daily Carnage

We’re doing it. We’re having ourselves a little bragging moment. A few months ago, Moosend put us in its crosshairs for creating a scannable newsletter and broke down the best practices we do every day in The Daily Carnage.

19 Things Done by The Daily Carnage:

  1. We gave it a cool name.
  2. We offer accessibility options.
  3. We don’t forget to mention the team (Carney) behind the newsletter.
  4. We love us some bullets, checklists, and numbered lists.
  5. We use distinct colors for links.
  6. We organize our content with categories.
  7. We try to keep overviews of content concise and compelling.
  8. We make our buttons pop.
  9. We drive engagement with polls and quizzes.
  10. We add breaks between sections.
  11. We make have options for sponsors and partners.
  12. We use strong language and CTAs.
  13. We invite our audience to speak with us, too.
  14. We serve content relevant to our audience.
  15. We entertain when we can with some fun content instead of being all biz.
  16. We created a referral program (that cool sharing section at the bottom of the newsletter).
  17. We are always down to collaborate or partner up.
  18. We give more contact options and proper email info.
  19. We let our audience members manage their profiles and subscriptions.

The Daily Carnage is our labor of love to deliver you the freshest marketing content around. We don’t do it for the praise, but we will take this as a little pat on the back. Check out the full post for a visual breakdown as well!


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