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20 Content Promotion Tactics (and 3 Winners)

You know what sucks? When you spend a ton of time writing a kickass blog post and then no one reads it. We’ve been there

Sometimes, you gotta do a little (or a lotta) promotion to get people to read your blog post. But here’s the thing — you don’t want to waste your time (and maybe money) promoting posts on platforms that won’t give you any views.

Today’s Read from Jacob McMillen, looks at 20 different content promotion tactics and what’s actually worth your time.

Some of the tactics that Jacob tried that aren’t worth it:

  • BlogEngage & BizSugar Submissions. They’re dead platforms. It’s like yelling into an empty room.
  • LinkedIn Group Shares. They’re all just spammy these days.
  • Inbound.org Submission. Same problem as LinkedIn Group Shares.
  • Medium re-publication. We’ve actually had success with this one, but it’s definitely a long-term strategy.
  • Outbrain Paid Promotion. Targeting options are limited and vague.

So, what did work?

  • GrowthHackers Submission. This platform is similar to Inbound but less spammy. Plus, it’s free.
  • Quuu Paid Promotion, which is essentially a distribution platform, but it works and it’s inexpensive.
  • Reddit Thread Submission. We use this one, but you need to be reallyyy careful promoting things here. The community doesn’t like shameless self-promotion. 

Read the post for Jacob’s full breakdown.


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