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20 Inbound Trust Signals That Matter to Consumers

When it comes to consumer trust, these 20 inbound signals add up to the healthy growth of your brand:

  1. Media coverage
  2. Press releases
  3. By-lined articles and op-eds
  4. Blog guest posts
  5. Sponsored content
  6. Celebrity and influencer endorsements
  7. Social media accounts
  8. Social media responsiveness
  9. Google business profile
  10. Google Maps listening
  11. Google reviews
  12. Customer reviews on relevant sites
  13. Glassdoor reviews
  14. Participation in online forums
  15. Participation in industry events
  16. Directory listings
  17. Wikipedia entry
  18. Community involvement
  19. Top ranking for branded search queries
  20. High ranking for industry keywords

How many have you prioritized? Take a closer look at each signal at DMNews.


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