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20 ways to boost your energy and productivity at work

In today’s poll, you chose which personality type described you most. Curious as to why?

Well, iMPACT is taking a more insightful look into how personality traits can help you better understand when you’re most productive, and tips to give you an energy boost.

Let’s find out what you personality says about you and how you can have the best work day!


  • Personality traits: introverted, intelligent, anxious, detail-oriented
  • Productivity tip: Take mental breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge


  • Personality traits: diligent, optimistic, athletic, overachiever, charismatic
  • Productivity tip: Know when to sign off for the day and take time to do something for yourself.


  • Personality traits: extroverted, social, happy, always hungry
  • Productivity tip: Scheduling meetings in the morning is your best bet. When the afternoon slump hits, find activities that let you feed on others’ energy.


  • Personality traits: introverted, creative, emotionally intense
  • Productivity tip: Starting the day might be challenging, so schedule meetings in the afternoon. Get ahead of work after hours when you feel the most awake.

Now that you got the idea, let’s get into those specific tips to try.

  • Keep up with that water intake. Challenge your co-workers and hold each other accountable to finish 60 oz or more before the workday ends.
  • Energize after lunch with a short walk or by heading to the gym if you get a chance. This active break can help improve your mood and energy levels.
  • Carb-heavy lunches are the sleepy equivalent to turkey on Thanksgiving. Feast on energy-boosting foods like salmon, kale, avocados, bananas, nuts, brown rice, wheat bread, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Boost your mood and energy with a work playlist. It’s been proven that our fav songs trigger a rush of dopamine, which makes us more productive.

Continue to iMPACT for more tips and hit new productivity levels by understanding your personality.


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