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2017 Top Performing Landing Pages That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Two days into 2018 and we’re still not done with the 2017 wrap-ups. There are just too many good ones, and today’s Read is a really good one.

Klientboost stopped by our inbox the other day to drop off a blog post about landing pages. 

You already know the story: a great ad campaign underperforms because of a crappy landing page, but no one realized it in time so it was never fixed. Dang, what a waste of money.

Don’t worry, today’s Read isn’t the typical “7 ways to optimize your landing pages.” No, no, it’s much better than that. Klientboost took 6 of their top performing landing and explain what they did to get those pages to perform so well. They even include before/after pictures.

Along the way, they talk about the lessons they’ve learned about Conversion Rate Optimization over the past year. Some of those lessons:

  • Upselling on your thank you pages can be a huge differentiator. You’ve already got a person hooked, why not try to dig that hook in a little deeper?
  • Research, research, research. Boring? Yes. But taking the time to better understand your target demographic, their language, and even your product can make a huge difference.
  • Be aware of what implications you’re making with your design choices. For example, a drop shadow might look cool, but some users might be slightly distracted by it. That little thing can lower your conversion rate.
  • If you really want to make some impactful changes, you should test all the information above the fold. This is the first bit of information users will see: headline, subhead, hero image, form.
  • Always optimize for mobile. That means you gotta go beyond just making your page responsive. Use things like “Tap-to-call” buttons, large CTA buttons & forms, sticky headers, click-to-scroll buttons, etc.

You’ve really gotta take a gander at this one for yourself. 


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