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3 Almost Magical Headline Ingredients for More Traffic, Engagement, and Shares

Do you believe in magic? Okay, now that that’s stuck in your head…

Forget it! Marketing isn’t about magical solutions, and today’s Listen isn’t actually about anything magical. Sometimes, tried-and-true tips just work so well that, heck, they might as well be magic. But why let something else take the credit for your carefully crafted headline? 

Regardless, the headline for today’s Listen does what headlines do best — incited intrigue. Without lying. (See: carefully placed “Almost.”)

For hard-hitting headlines, use the 3 “ingredients” below and your content could fly higher than a Pegacorn.

One big tip first: Write your headline first. Make your promise and then deliver on the promise. Once you’ve written your piece, go back and check if the promise in the headline is absolutely being delivered in the content. 

  • (05:45) #1: Include the benefits. How will they be different after they read your content?
  • (06:27) You can achieve this with “How-to” headlines.
  • (09:36) #2: Numbers (but be wearing of “listicles”). Specificity is compelling and weird numbers are interesting, plus it often makes a promise more concrete.
  • (13:44) #3: Headline formulas/structures. Formulas, ironically enough, can help you vary your headline because there are so many different ones out there. But ask yourself, what is the formula conveying and why would it be good for your content? 
  • (15:45) The Secret of ___ (Baking a Cake that’s both Gorgeous and Delicious)
  • Offer a benefit, provide confidence — it tastes good, it looks good, you’re gonna look good…
  • Make sure the “secret” is actually not generally known.
  • Understand why you’re using these ingredients and formulas. 

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