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3 Common Mistakes Brands Make with Representation

Representation and more diverse groups are nothing new to entertainment and advertising. While many brands are making good strides in diversity and representation both in their creative and workforce, there are still a lot of bumps in the road for others. Here are the 3 most common mistakes when it comes to representation in marketing, and how to avoid them.

  1. Including the token diverse person: Diversity and inclusion isn’t a box to check off, it’s something to integrate across the board. Focus on building your network to include plenty of diverse talent so when the time comes for hiring, speaking events, or panels, diversity is authentic and not an afterthought scramble.
  2. Thinking stock is enough: The article says it best, “Photos can be bought, but real stories and expertise from real people cannot.” It’s a basic instinct from consumers to want features, storylines, and more in-depth content from people who look like them and have backgrounds similar to theirs. While looking for diversity in your content is great, the real stuff like stories and testimonials with more representation will resonate on a deeper level.
  3. Not building an inclusive brand from the start: Increasingly, consumers are looking beyond brand products and services. They want to know your brand’s values. Is your board diverse and do you support diverse hiring? They want to see brands supporting their communities either on local or national levels. You can’t support every group, but making an effort on the workforce level is crucial.

The biggest key is to be authentic. It’s becoming more and more clear where things are for the social clout. For more details, check out the Inc. article.


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