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3 Location-based Marketing Methods

Location-based marketing delivers highly relevant ads to potential customers based on their location in the world. This is achieved through GPS coordinates or Bluetooth-based technology.

Here are the 3 primary methods of location-based marketing:

  1. Geofencing: This method pinpoints where consumers are in real time via mobile apps. A retailer might set up geofence boundaries to send discounts to rewards-program members whenever they are within a set radius.
  2. Geotargeting: This method enables marketers to show targeted content to specific groups of people who have engaged in specific behaviors in a location. For example, a restaurant might run a geotargeted campaign to encourage repeat business from customers who have recently visited.
  3. Geoconquesting: This method delivers notifications to customers when they are near a competitor’s business. Burger King successfully deployed the “Whopper Detour,” for example, which sent coupons to people within 600 feet of McDonald’s locations.

Think you’re ready to try location-based marketing tactics? Check out the full post at MarTech.



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