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3 Powerful Micro-Conversion Strategies for Paid Social

Social advertising is a competitive game. It’s important to take advantage of available capabilities and data to maximize performance. One way of doing that is taking at a look at micro-conversions.

Micro-conversions signal high intent for a user to convert on a primary conversion goal, resulting in a significant improvement in conversion metrics. For paid social, micro-conversions could be time spent watching a video, following your brand pages, or just general ad engagement.

Here are three micro-conversion strategies to look at for your next social campaign:

  1. Optimize top-of-funnel campaigns for website engagements, not clicks: Decrease your cost-per-landing page view by optimizing for more engagement. To do this on Facebook campaigns, you have to choose landing page actions you’d like to track. Facebook’s Event Setup Tool is an easy way to set up engagement events. Then you can set up tracking on other social platforms by placing tracking tags on each action within your tag manager or your site’s developer code.
  2. Build High-Intent Retargeting Audiences: You can create audiences based on specific micro-conversion actions to improve bottom-funnel conversion metrics. A great way to do this is to create a website audience based on time spent by a user or specific product views.
  3. Capture missed leads: Using micro-conversions, you can track users who opened a lead gen form ad or began to fill out a form on your website. LinkedIn and Facebook both have Lead Gen ad formats that automatically track users who open or submit forms. You’re going to have to play a bit with your form open segments, just wait for them to populate in each platform before you can try serving them educational/nurturing content.

Note: You must have the pixel already placed across your website for some of these strategies to work.

Check out the full article by Search Engine Land for step-by-step instructions for managing ads and tracking micro-conversions.


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