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3 Retargeting Solutions to Utilize Right Now

If at first your ad doesn’t succeed, retarget ’em. Retargeting uses a user’s online behavior to serve them relevant ads. This is typically from paid ads, website visits, and search activity.

Now, retargeting takes as much strategy as your general ad strategy because you don’t want to retarget just anyone who happened upon your brand. And because of the changing policies of cookies, pixels, and data privacy, retargeting is not amateur hour.

Here are three expert tools that can get you on the right track for retargeting potential customers.

  1. Criteo: One of the best practices for retargeting is to personalize it. Criteo is a great tool for giving warm leads personalized offers. With machine-learning, Criteo uses pixel information as a jumping-off point for previously viewed products and related products to make special offers.
  2. AdRoll: What do you do if someone leaves your form or abandons a cart? AdRoll will fix that up for you. AdRoll uses segments based on behaviors and traits to retarget. They pinpoint users that show genuine interest in your product, ensuring they are as warm as possible instead of every Joe Shmoe that hit your landing page.
  3. RollWorks: Do you have a lead database? Rather than lead nurturing, RollWorks offers lead scoring and account organization. RollWorks take a different perspective on retargeting by laying out your warm audiences for more in-depth retargeting strategies. They offer easy automation, email retargeting, and pipeline management. They’re also a killer education resource for retargeting and account-based marketing in general.

Learn more about retargeting solutions and examples on What Runs Where’s full post.


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