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3 Steps For Digital Marketers To Prove ROI

What are marketers? Under pressure. 

What’s the cause? Usually, a whole lot of data pulling. 

It can be a lot to run campaigns and then prove their performance to the powers that be. Here’s how marketers can make their lives easier when it comes to relaying marketing performance:

STEP 1: Harmonize your data sources

Data comes from all sorts of sources. Normalizing your data so that all of your channels are using the same measurements and metrics is the most important step to your data sanity. How do you do this? Investing in a unified data management platform that lays all of your channels out for you.

STEP 2: Set the right kind of goals

A big struggle for marketers taking the time to pull data is pulling unnecessary stats. Success comes in many forms, especially for marketing campaigns. Digging deep to understand the right metrics is essential before, during, and after you launch a project. Figure out what matters most to your brand.

STEP 3: Adjust and adapt your reporting as needed

Different stakeholders are going to care about different things, and usually at different points in time. Sometimes you have to think outside of the marketer’s box when it comes to reporting data. Being able to present information that is useful to a variety of stakeholders is critical.

Wanna hear right from industry leaders on how they approach marketing performance? NinjaCat’s ROI playbook has these steps with real-world examples on which metrics matter most for tracking. 


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