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3 Takeaways From Google’s Year in Search Report

U.S. marketers take note: Google has analyzed billions of Search trends from 2022 to identify emerging needs and behaviors, so you can keep pace with rapidly changing consumer behavior in a time of economic uncertainty. Here are 3 key insights about how people shop:

  1.  Value: Consumers are searching for items and experiences that provide good value beyond just the price point. In 2023, they’re taking reviews, product popularity, and sustainability into account when determining value. Are you providing value in the way that consumers measure it?
    • 190% YOY increase in search interest for “highest inflation.”
    • 50% YOY increase in search interest for “how to save money on.”
  2. Aid and allyship: Consumers have new perspectives, renewed compassion for themselves and others, and a hunger to inspire global action through organizing. Focus on building consumer trust now to benefit during recovery, and consider reporting progress toward your KPIs to avoid the appearance of purpose-washing.
    • 110% YOY increase in search interest for “donation request”
    • 50% YOY increase in search interest for “community project.”
  3. Self-care: Consumers are stressed out and researching products and experiences that will revitalize them. Plus, hybrid work and other factors have redefined our relationship to work. Make the research process frictionless and accessible to your audience.
    • 30% YOY increase in search interest for “stress management”
    • 85% YOY increase in search interest for “burnout symptoms.”

Read the full report at Think With Google.


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