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3 Tips for How Brands Should Address Social Issues

“Should brands get involved in social issues?” It’s a great question and there is no one size fits all answer. In an AdWeek discussion, brand leaders give some thoughts on it! 

The main takeaways from it were:

Lead with listening: If a brand’s beliefs and vision don’t match a particular topic, it may be best to avoid it as opposed to forcing a connection that doesn’t quite feel right. From a leadership standpoint, this is why it’s important to hire with diversity in mind and provide opportunities for multiple perspectives.

Keep up with culture: Everything is changing – the world, marketing, customers, context. It’s not always easy, but keeping up with the shifting culture is essential to your brand authenticity. That means starting with your brand first, and understanding what values it has. 

Expect difficult conversations: Messages won’t always come across as planned, initiatives won’t always gain traction as desired. Rolling with the punches and being open to suggestions are key here. There should also be caution to brands jumping in with a “huge bang” on their first attempt at taking on a social issue.

We know to get involved or not depends deeply on the brand. At the end of the day, though, brands are to be authentic and humble when facing real-life issues and values that they and their customers are upholding. To listen to the full AdWeek discussion, smash that button below!


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