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3 Tips to Improve Mobile Ad Creative Performance

An excellent mobile ad campaign captures attention and differentiates your brand in a crowded digital landscape. Try these 3 tips to drive performance:

  1. Utilize video to engaged targeted audiences. Globally, users spend 16 hours per week watching digital videos—and over half of consumers want more video content from familiar brands. Visual storytelling has a greater potential to establish emotional connections with your audience than traditional advertising.
  2. Captivate your audience with interactive rich media ads. Rich media ads yield higher engagement rates, conversions, click-throughs, and views. For example, a retargeted dynamic countdown can signal urgency to users about a sale ending soon.
  3. Drive action with interactive shoppable ads. Allowing users to make purchases and browse your products directly through an ad unit creates a seamless, one-click shopping experience.

Read more about how to enhance your mobile ad creative at The Drum.


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