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3 Ways to Boost Your Visual Marketing Results

Thousands of things vie for our attention every day – especially on social media. With all the different formats and mediums for sharing content, creating unique content is necessary for standing out.

Consider these 3 ways to boost your visual marketing results from Convince & Convert when you’re designing images. 

  • Turn your social media images into artwork. Photoshop or whichever photo editor you use is your best friend here. Your photos set against urban or natural scenes are well composed, but they may not pop the way a digitally manipulated photo will pop. It’s time for some experimentation. 
  • Brand your images well. Images are more memorable than text. You could watermark your images or put your name in the caption, but there are better ways of branding imagery. Since people will be focused on your content, let the content speak for itself. Use a recognizable color palette and ensure each image you post fits the narrative your brand conveys.

Repurpose your images everywhere. Create the illusion of your brand being everywhere by posting a given image on various platforms. When a user hops over to LinkedIn from Instagram, maintain your presence with the same or similar images. This will keep your brand in peoples’ minds as they navigate the digital realm.

Once you have success with these tips in your visual marketing on organic channels, it’s worth trying your hand at paid advertising. The same elements will be incorporated and you’ll expand your reach significantly.

Find your brand’s style and keep iterating as the world and all its content continues changing. P.S. Convince & Convert posted this piece saying there are 5 ways to boost visual marketing results, but we only saw 3. If you see 4 and 5, let us know!


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