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3 Ways to Improve Your Content Writing Skills

It can be hard to avoid writer’s block and content fatigue as a modern marketer. Here’s 3 healthy habits of successful writers:

  1. Upgrade your information diet by curating media streams for yourself—including social media, magazines, videos, books, and other formats. Set up “read-it-later” apps to stay organized and consider keeping a “commonplace book,” or a collection of content that inspires you.
  2. Maybe you’re not a pen-and-paper person, and that’s fine. Capture your ideas wherever they happen—collect them from your Notes app, Twitter, the group chat, a never-ending Google doc… the idea is to build a searchable note-taking system that works and can be referenced later.
  3. The writing process doesn’t have to be so lonesome. Generate and develop ideas by engaging in conversations with friends, readers, and editors. These opportunities help you hone concepts, get helpful feedback, and test ideas at-scale.

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