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3 Ways You’re Killing Your Brand

We’ve talked about the speed of marketing being important, but you gotta get it done right as well as fast. But is moving so fast hurting more than helping? Well, that depends how you’ve prepared yourself and what your goals are. 

These are the 3 ways you’re potentially hurting your brand:

  1. You are rushing your brand blueprint: Take a moment to do some zen breathing, and get your blueprint on lock. At every junction, you should have an idea of what works for your audience or customers. The key is that you can tackle every business decision without playing a guessing game.
  2. Your brand has no meat: We’re not just talking logo and colors. Users want to hear your story and how you are different from the rest! What is your brand’s substance? Where have you come from? Where will you go? Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe? (sorry)
  3. Your personal brand is misaligned: Behind every company, organization, and brand are people! So people need to know their brand, know what it means, and know how to use it. Your personal brand aligning with your brand overall is another layer of authenticity your users can sniff out. Phonies are not welcome.

All brands, no matter if they are corporate or personal, need to live up to the brand they’ve built. Brands need to check in on their promises and deliver. It takes time to get to a point of being able to do that, so read the full Entrepreneur article for all the questions you need to ask yourself to build your brand.


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