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30 Instagram Tools Grow Your Following

We’re not gonna lecture you on the importance of Instagram for your business on a Monday morning. You already know that narrative.

What we are serving up today are 30 awesome tools to help grow your IG following. Anything from apps to help you edit photos to programs that will help you analyze your Instagram performance.

We’ll skip the first 10 because they’re the usual photo editing tools you already know and love (although we just heard of StoriesAds and it’s pretty legit).

Here are our favorites from the list:

  • Display Purposes is perfect for finding the relevant and popular hashtags related to whatever you’re posting.
  • Unum. You’re only as good as your last 6 posts. That’s all people see when they land on your page for the first time. Unum is a visual planner and scheduling app. You can see how your pics will look before publishing them.
  • Shortstack is a tool for organizing user-generated content contests. Basically, participants enter by posting a photo with your hashtag and Shortstack does all the heavy lifting.
  • Feed Them Social is a WordPress plugin that displays your Instagram profile on your website. It’s an easy way to promote your ‘gram and gain followers from your website.
  • Squarelovin. If you don’t have a business profile (Instagram Insights are already included with those), Squarelovin is what you need. It’s a free analytics tool for non-business users.

Too many to fit them all in here, but get the other 25 in today’s Read.


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