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4 Keys to an Irresistible Facebook Ad Offer

Don’t give up on your underperforming Facebook ads just yet. With fewer data available for targeting and tracking on the platform these days, leveraging an irresistible campaign offer and feed-friendly creative can reinvigorate your ROI. Try the Facebook Ads Offer Formula:

  1. Desired action. What is the next step that you want users to take? Is a lead magnet more appropriate, or is it reasonable to expect users to make an immediate purchase? Consider your sales funnel and be clear about your desired action.
  2. Relevance. Who is this offer for? Reference your buyer personas to understand your audience’s interests and behaviors. Your copy and creative should speak to their lived experiences.
  3. Reason to act now. Urgency sells. Is your stock running out? Is the offer available for a limited time? Is the price exclusive? Let users know they’re in on a big opportunity.
  4. Transformation. Tell a story that your audience will aspire to. What functional benefits can you offer that will change their lives—or even the world? Case studies, personal anecdotes, and interviews are effective and feed-friendly storytelling devices.

Head over to Social Media Examiner for more info on the Facebook Ads Offer Formula.


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