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4 Landing Page Elements That Will Make or Break Your Page

Let’s start this week off by perfecting our landing pages. DigitalMarketer is teaching us four elements that will help improve page conversion performance.

  1. Your offer should be made up of these four critical points: clarity, scent, relevance, and visualization. Let’s define what these points actually mean.
    • Clearly articulate the offer and what’s in it for your target audience.
    • Keep all design aspects consistent from start to finish by matching landing page copy and visuals to ads.
    • Your offer needs to be relevant to your target audience
    • Don’t just rely on copy alone – visualize the product, the features, and most importantly, the benefits.
  2. The ask or what-to-do-next step. Your lead gen form and CTA should allow your landing page to work for you.
    •  The length of your form should be consistent with the value of your offer. For example, with a newsletter, ask for an email (and maybe name). If it’s a demo form, ask for more!
    • Make the form or CTA highly visible and reiterated on longer landing pages.
  3. People buy from brands they can trust so make it a point to win that trust. Step one, invest in a professionally designed page. This doesn’t mean expensive. It means functional for user experience.
    • If you ask for personal info, include a privacy policy.
    • If you ask for billing info, share guarantees or utilize security seals.
    • Optimize your landing page with authentic customer testimonials.
  4. Consider implementing a visual hierarchy with message sequencings and visual cues. DigitalMarketer stresses “Elements on a page are meant to articulate a message… However, you can’t just plop them on a page with no plan…”
    • Use elements like underline, bullets, and images
    • Highlight key info by putting the most important content in the lightest section
    • Make sure the page fits a singular theme
    • Create your page to function well on all devices

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