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4 Questions To Make Sure You’re Creating Consistent Copy Across All Platforms

People have a tendency of behaving differently when they’re at a nightclub versus when they’re out visiting Grandma and Grandpa. It’s not that people aren’t authentic, but different social scenarios require we adapt to them.

Our more relevant example today is how we come across on the various social media channels. Of course, LinkedIn will often sound more professional and TikTok will be fairly laid back for many, but the core of your brand shouldn’t change.

DigitalMarketer has 4 questions you can ask yourself to make sure you’re creating consistent copy across all platforms.

Question #1: Does this copy abide by my brand guidelines? This is probably the most quantitative of the four questions. If you have a set of brand guidelines written out, then it’ll make things a whole lot easier.

Your brand guidelines are the rules you should follow when writing copy. Any exceptions you make can create inconsistencies, so be mindful of when you might be pushing it.

Question #2: Would my customers expect this from me? There are people who love your brand for what it is, and they love interacting with your brand. They’re used to your brand’s voice, so don’t make any sharp pivots on them. Even if you need to deviate a little bit, mix in some of your usual tones as well.

Question #3: Would my customers recognize me if I took away my branding? This one may just be the Holy Grail. If you got rid of your logo, typical fonts, and color palettes, would people still recognize you? Sure, it would definitely be harder, but for some brands, it’s still very possible. If your voice captures and carries your brand without any other clues, then you’re in a great spot.

Read on for #4, and keep your copy consistent!


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