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4 Survey Tips for Customer Insights

Customer satisfaction surveys are an essential tool for a brand. Marketers want to read minds, but asking a question directly is their best bet to knowing what’s working for users. With the feedback surveys generate, you can improve a product, service, and overall customer experience. What’s better than that? Here is how to make sure your surveys are helpful to you without being annoying to your users.

  1. Keep It Short and Sweet: It’s not just about cutting the character count from your users’ answers – you also need to remove wordiness from your questions. Survey length is also crucial for keeping abandonment rates low. If you can give users a heads up (i.e. a 5-minute survey), that can help set expectations.
  2. Try to Ask One Question at a Time: It’s easy for marketers to want to ask one question after another (or a bunch of follow-ups). Give people time to think through a single question before moving on to any further possible ones.
  3. Yes/No Questions Are Your Friends: Yes/no questions require little time commitment and are straightforward. Not only are yes/no questions easy to answer, but they also make your segmenting and data tracking easier to manage.
  4. Offer Some Incentives: People don’t like to give things up, especially data, for free. There are a lot of ways you can entice your users with things like gifts, discounts, giveaways, or credits. In most cases, it makes sense to entice customers to answer your survey.

Check out the full Influencive post for examples of customer satisfaction surveys that have worked for other brands.


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