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4 Things We Learned From Merriam-Webster’s Social Director

John Sabine is the social director for Merriam-Webster, a brand known for lightly roasting cultural moments on social media with linguistic wit. Here’s what we learned from a recent interview with the man behind the dictionary:

A tweet from Merriam Webster that reads: "We have biweekly meetings. Does this mean meetings occurring every two weeks or meetings occurring twice a week? Yes."

  1. Social is like Jupiter—there are no seasons, only storms. Your back-to-school content won’t go viral, but you’re more likely to make an impression when you jump onto trends or create your own. Embrace the chaos.
  2. Craft a strategy that you enjoy. There’s no use trying to recreate someone else’s magic. Follow your taste and find your own voice. But try not to rely wholly on emojis and slang.
  3. Your brand account should feel alive. Social isn’t just a bulletin board for brand announcements. Get creative in the replies and take the liberty of sounding more like a person/persona.
  4. Embrace the absurd. It’s ridiculous that a dictionary has a Twitter account. Sometimes we’re too close to the industry to appreciate the humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously… unless that’s your whole thing.

Read Rachel Karten’s full interview with John Sabine at Link in Bio.


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