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How to Dominate with DOOH

We told you digital out-of-home (DOOH) would be big in 2023, thanks to developments in technology and enhanced opportunities to execute, target, and measure performance. Here’s four hot tips to maximize your DOOH campaigns:

  1. Be in-your-face about it. Too much branding won’t kill your ad, so opt for simple messaging and privilege your logo throughout the ad experience for maximum recognition.
  2. Consider the context.
    • What is the venue type? Large-screen formats are viewed from a distance by pedestrians and traffic. Place-based screens in grocery stores and gas stations can engage consumers with contextually-relevant messaging.
    • What level of personalization is available? Are consumers viewing a board from a crowd in a high-traffic area, or are they close-up and interacting with a self-service screen?
    • How much time do you have with your audience? Are they flying by on the highway or passing through an elevator? Or are they working out at the gym, concentrating on your ad to power through the pain?
  3. Be in the moment. Relevance is key. Consider seasons, holidays, weather patterns, current events, cultural moments, and even the time of the day in your messaging.
  4. Make it move. You have between 6 and 15 seconds to get your message across with busy consumers, so make it flashy with video and animation.

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