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4 Tips To Help Marketers Battle Against Consumers’ Digital Fatigue

Between social media detoxes, blue-light eye strain, and constantly being served ads, consumers can get pretty sick of the digital world. We all get digital fatigue nowadays (the world virtual event might even make you groan at this point). But what can we do as marketers to combat this in an audience? 

CMS Wire has some tips to shape up your marketing strategy to reach people who are glued to their screens, but don’t want to be.

Make it Personal: The golden rule for most marketing strategies is to personalize it for your user to make it more engaging and customized. There are a lot of ways to do this right, but a great way to start is to break your audience into segments to communicate in specific ways.

Make it Interactive: There are so many new ways to create interactive, interesting content today. AR, VR, 3D worlds, interactive quizzes, are to name a few. It’s easier said than done, but quality over quantity is your best bet here. Creating too many interactive pieces is just going to continue digital fatigue in your users. 

Make it Human-Centric: It seems like an obvious one, but brands still forget it. Think of all the ways your users could use more direct engagement in your content and see where you can utilize conversational tactics.

Check out the CMS Wire article for the last tip for staying connected to your users and helping battle their digital fatigue.


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