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4 TV Advertising Trends to Know

Thanks to digital marketing, it’s hard to focus time and budgets on something as big as an investment as TV commercials. TV providers are determined to stay in the game.

So let’s break down trends marketers should know about TV.

  1. Harnessing Mobile and Multiscreen Environments: 94% of people who watch TV in the US keep their phone in hand. By using attribution analytics, marketers can get insight regarding when users are watching TV, on which network, and which mobile channels they use.
  2. TV has Evolved Into Advanced TV: When we talk about TV, that includes “Advanced TV” like over-the-top (OTT) devices such as smart TVs, Chromecasts, and game consoles. It helps with that attribution analytics we mentioned earlier.
  3. Programmatic TV Advertising Is Becoming Mainstream: Programmatic TV advertising is great for automating previously really hands-on decisions like timing and placement. It also helps gather more complete metrics like how many times ads are clicked, the cost of each click, and the direct ROI.
  4. The Emergence of Interactive Advertising: Media strategies have adapted to be more streaming friendly. Interactive TV ads have emerged to counter traditional commercials. Hulu and Amazon are platforms that champion this type of ad (and have a lot of resources for brands to break into them).

TV advertising has changed A LOT to keep up with consumer habits and compete with the digital ad world. While every organization’s journey with media buying is unique, it all comes down to reaching your best audience (not the most people possible).

Check out the full post by Marketing Evolution for more TV stats and details!


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