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4 Types of Conversational Commerce

Investment in conversational commerce—the online tools that e-commerce brands use to communicate with customers—is projected to grow to $290 million by 2025. These tools help brands to streamline the purchase journey and customer experience (CX):

  • Chatbots: With AI technology, chatbots respond conversationally to customer inquiries for you. These can be set to pop up and provide guidance to users without prompting.
  • Messaging apps: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other pre-existing messaging apps can be integrated into your site with API, plugins, or widgets.
  • Voice assistance: This software can enable users to make purchases with voice tools like Alexa and Google Home. It’s also an important component of online accessibility.
  • Live chat software: This software connects users to a real, on-call human for customer support. It works best for complicated queries and complaints.

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