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4 Ways to Shift Your Thinking to Truly Focus on Your Audience

Thinking about your audience is rule #1 for marketers. A lot of marketers think they’re putting the audience first, but a closer look may reveal that their strategy is still about themselves. It’s hard to know the difference honestly.

Today’s Read is helping us rethink how we focus on our prospects, by re-phrasing questions marketers ask themselves everyday—with glowing examples galore.

Here are four twists in perspective to truly make sure your audience is at the center of everything you do. So they can look less like this and more like this.

Instead of saying: “We’re going to target this audience.”

Ask: “Who are the people we can help?”

Once you have this frame of reference in mind, it’s easier to see how you can create content that can help them.

Instead of saying: “We’re going to ‘do content marketing because everyone else is doing it.’ ”

Ask: “How can we help people in a way no one else is?”

Creating content with a differentiated point of view is crucial to getting noticed through all the noise. No one wants more #basic content on topics that are repeatedly covered.

Instead of saying: “We need more leads!”

Ask: “How can we focus on building an audience which wants to hear from us?

Not only do you need to shift your mindset to think about subscribers instead of leads, but you also need to make it easy people for people to subscribe.

Instead of saying: “Look at our shares, ‘likes,’ and traffic.”

Ask: “How can we measure the impact of the audience we’re building?”

Forget social engagement for right now. A better way to measure the impact of your content marketing is to look at the impact your subscribers are having on your brand. How? Robert Rose’s Audience Valuation Engine is a great tool for calculating the value of your subscribers.  

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