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5 Elements Every Service Page Needs

Your website’s service pages are workhorses. They introduce your signature offering to potential customers and put forth a simple argument: you need this. Good ones have these 5 elements in common:

  1. Long-form, descriptive, benefits-focused copy. Describe everything that’s included in your service or offer, address the problem you service solves, list the positive outcomes of purchase, share why your brand is uniquely qualified to offer this service, and answer any FAQs.
  2. Testimonials or reviews. If it’s great, prove it. Add customer opinions—as quotes, images, or video—along with a list of previous clients if you’re B2B.
  3. Visuals. Depict your service in action with a gallery of photography, demo screenshots, portfolio content, or an informative, introductory video.
  4. Conversion-friendly design. Shoot for easy-to-scan content with meaningful headers, lists, bold CTAs, and short paragraphs. As ever, your site should be accessible, fast, and easy to navigate.
  5. Calls to action (CTAs). If you have more than one service listed on a single page, include a CTA to “checkout” for each of them. If your page is dedicated to just one service, sprinkle “checkout” CTAs throughout. In the case that your audience isn’t primed to buy at this stage, your CTA might be “contact a sales representative” or “get a free consultation.”

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