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5 Factors for Picking the Best ECommerce Platform

Online shopping is essential to most businesses nowadays. But how do you pick the best eCommerce platform for your shop? They are not all built the same, so let’s dive into the top factors when picking a platform:

  1. SEO benefits: This is a top dog feature because no one can find your shop items in the first place. Having it optimized for search makes it easier all around. There is a lot that can go into SEO for online shops including keyword research, attention to link building, the creation of fresh, keyword-optimized content, navigation links, SEO-friendly product pages, title tags, image tags, canonical URLs, and more.
  2. Payment options (and safety): To have an eCommerce business, it needs to be able to accommodate a range of payment options. In addition to credit/debit cards, your eCommerce site should accept quick and painless options like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. Shoppers should also have the ability to create an account on your website for future purchases. Last but not least, be sure the platform you choose uses SSL encryption.
  3. End-user experience: UX is the most important piece of the puzzle. If the checkout process is complicated, the navigation is confusing, the product information is tough to find, people won’t stick around to make a purchase. Don’t forget that UX is not just about looks, your utilities and accessibility are essential to it as well.
  4. IT support: If your site goes down, you need answers right away. You need a platform that can provide that support, or work with an agency to help you out with that. Most large eCommerce platforms also have troubleshooting communities.
  5. Integrations and add-ons: This is where specific perks of a platform can come into play. The integration capabilities of an eCommerce platform are what allow you to customize your site, can help you out with email marketing/automation, and site analytics.

Check out BPlan’s full article for all the shopping platform deets and comparisons.


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