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5 Key Lessons for Your Unstructured Data Security

Data. You either think it’s a sexy beast or it gives you hives to think about 🥵. Either way, you gotta get your data game together. We’ve seen all sorts of scary, big data breaches (even just this week, major yikes). 

Security is one priority, structure is another. So what do you do to keep your unstructured data secure? Here are 5 things to remember when supporting security in your unstructured data:

  1. Cloud migration carefulness: Before cloud migration, you need to know how much data you need to retain and classify it by priority and function. You don’t have to go full cloud! Moving everything to the cloud is not only ill-advised but also expensive.
  2. Make sure data security supports the business: Data security must protect data against misuse, breaches, and accidental deletion, while still allowing companies to use the information sensibly.
  3. Too much data is an anchor: More data more problems. Keeping too much data, or inheriting more from another company, can set you up for failure and risk. It’s also gonna cost a pretty penny to host, back up, and secure more data.
  4. Supporting the remote workforce is mandatory: Gone are the days where you access data only in the office, on a work machine, or a virtual private network. Yet, with most enterprises expecting to have employees continue to work remotely at least part of the time, such restrictions are no longer a viable option.
  5. Supply chain security: When it comes to data, you better know who is accessing it like third parties, suppliers. Data security includes securing your supply chain and network.

Managing data takes a lot of love. Read the full article by TechBeacon for more insights.


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