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5 Keys to Making Your Content More Shareable

No… that doesn’t just mean “make better content,” though, of course, great content is a crucial factor.

Today’s Listen from Copyblogger goes beyond optimizing your content. We’re hearing some new insights on the matter—some often-overlooked things to keep in mind when working towards getting those shares, from the power of the “second customer” to the immediate impression your website makes.

Let’s see what’s good, starting around 01:45…

  • (02:25) Why Sonia hesitates to share a certain publisher’s content…
  • (03:10) Why you need to make sure you’re sharing content that’s appropriate for your audience
  • (03:25) As a content creator, your first duty is to your audience/potential customer
  • (04:00) 1st factor. What is your goal? What are you trying to change in the world with your content? What are you trying to get people to do? – why it’s crucial you know this before you start making shareable content
  • (05:08) Who else has the audience you want?
  • (06:10) 2nd factor. “The second customer” aka a person who might not ever be a literal customer, but they have the ability to connect you to your customers
  • (07:30) The problems with purging your email list of people that aren’t necessarily buying
  • (07:45) Why making a purchase isn’t the only way that someone can benefit your business
  • (09:45) 3rd factor. Consider the immediate impression your website makes
  • (12:40) 4th factor. How to create an immediate positive impression for your content
  • (14:25) Make sure to keep an eye on title tag and meta descriptions
  • (15:10) 5th factor. What would you like people to do when people find you?
  • (15:45) Some pros and cons to keep in mind when you’re considering adding a pop-up to your content

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